Project Classay

A demand-driven Kickstarter

Kickstarter project is driven by creator, who at the end will build the product. This makes dream come true for a certain type of people. In Project Classay, we try to make the wish of every follower possible to come true. We encourage them to speak up for their needs, and create their own outcome.

We believe when needs and incentives are gathered together, it is possible to attract builders to help complete their wish.



Provide incentive


Spread the dream


Make the dream come true

The concept is simple. Kickstarter picks Builder as Promotor. In Project Classay, we pick Follower as both Backer and Promoter. Even if you don't know how to build things out, at least go spread your vision! It can be something really simple, such as like, share, making some graphics, and writing some text. In case you care your dream, go take some handy things to do! We will guide you to make it happen.


Initiate- Just write a brief description of your need and wish, which you believe there are some others that need the same thing.

Promote- Spread your need and wish. Find someone whom you think will be interested. Convert them to followers. i.e. kick start the loop

Collaborate- As a follower, write down the incentive you can give and do some handy work to improve the promotion.

Building- Some builders provide plans aiming at getting the incentive. Once a plan is chosen by follower, it can proceed to build our expected product.

Split the Bill

Bus Route

There are so many people traveling from A to B indirectly, and the current cost to travel is $14.5. It makes sense to setup a bus route there.

Coffee Shop

There are no convenient coffee shop around this area. I would go there instead if there is a new coffee shop there.

Durian Buffet

A one-time buffet event with Durian, Durian ice-cream, Durian cake, Durian popsicles... I would pay $50 for the joy!

Better Umbrella

Foldable umbrella is usually too small or too heavy. I would pay $40 if there is one that is both light and having good coverage.

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We are now in early stage, collecting needs. Tell us more and we may make it real!

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Project Classay

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